Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are everywhere now, we have discovered a new way to venture out to the beach without heavy, bulky terry cotton beach towels that take ages to dry, and take up a lot of space in a carry bag!

My Turkish towels are a delight to the senses, they are soft, tactile and look good whichever way you choose to use them. They are made on traditional looms in Turkey from natural fibres. Basically they are a towel, but different weaves, material  and thicknesses make them so versatile. Try the lighter linen/cotton styles as sarongs, towels and cover ups. The thicker cottons work well as throws, and the bamboo towels will do all of these things, but are so soft and snuggly you can wrap the baby in them.

I tell my customers at the markets to treat these towels as your favourite jumper when it comes to washing.

Cold water please, gentle cycle, and no fabric softener, we need to keep the towels absorbent. Tumble drying may shrink them so avoid if you can.